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I’m pretty sure I say this every time I write one of these, but I’m really bad at consuming entertainment when it first comes out. I suppose that’s good, though, because otherwise I wouldn’t have any material to write. Today, my latest “late to the party” adventure has us in the magical, mystical Marvel Cinematic Universe, arguably my favorite universe to reside in. I recently finished watching the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix. It was released in November 2015, but I’m notorious for waiting ages and ages to watch anything remotely cool on Netflix. After a stellar 13-episode education, however, I can honestly say that Jessica Jones is one of my favorite Marvel characters so I thought I would share a bit about what I’ve learned for those who may be even later to the party than myself.

So let’s get started on Jessica Jones, shall we?

Late to the Party Netflix Jessica Jones

Comics Background

There are a few different versions of Jessica Jones within the Marvel Comic Universe, but some major points remain consistent throughout:

  • She is orphaned after a tragic car accident with a vehicle carrying mysterious chemicals.
  • After being in a coma, Jessica wakes to find she had special abilities including super-strength, speed, and the ability to (sort of) fly.
  • She becomes a superhero known as Jewel for a brief period of time.
  • A villain named Killgrave kidnaps and mind controls her for a period of time.

The story typically goes that most of her superhero buds don’t really notice she is missing, but eventually characters such as Ms. Marvel and Jean Grey are able to help facilitate her rescue and recovery from the trauma. Nonetheless, Jessica is deeply discouraged and depressed by what happened to her and in turn, she hangs up her costume and goes into business as a private investigator.

Jessica Jones - Late to the Party

Netflix & the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The live-action version of Jessica Jones follows the basic premise of her origins story, but obviously things get tweaked to make it more sexy for television. Netflix’s Jessica is dealing with a serious case of PTSD in the wake of her time with Killgrave. She self-medicates with bourbon, has an attitude, and is 100% not interested in being a hero for anyone. Of course, those plans go right out the window, or it would’ve been a very short series indeed. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet watched, but trust me when I say it’s worth it.

Late to the Party - Jessica Jones - Netflix

Because I love lists, I thought I’d list some selling points and tips for the show:

  • The Netflix format allows for a TV-MA rating. There is a lot of strong language, sexual content, and violence. There is also potentially triggering conversation for those who have been through a physical, emotional, and/or sexual trauma. These are things you should consider before watching.
  • If you’re a Doctor Who fan, particularly of David Tennant, brace yourself. He is a truly disturbing Killgrave, and I was not prepared for how difficult it would be to watch some of his scenes. It also proves what an immensely talented actor he is, though, so there’s that.
  • The show takes place between seasons one and two of Netflix’s Daredevil series. I am watching the shows in chronological order, but it’s not necessary to do that. Some of the supporting characters from Daredevil make appearances in Jessica Jones, but there are no spoilers between the two.
  • Robyn is the Dolores Umbridge of this show. Seriously, I hated her more than Killgrave. I literally do not understand the point of her. If someone can explain the point of her, please email me because I can’t with her.

Marvel's Jessica Jones

What are your thoughts on Jessica Jones? Let us know in the comments!

x Katie

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