Where In the Wizarding World?

Alright Potterheads, it’s time for some fan theories. J.K. Rowling has revealed the locations of 7 of the wizarding schools in the world:


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  1. Mahoutokoro – Japan
  2. Uagadou – Uganda, Africa
  3. Castelobruxo – Brazil
  4. Beauxbatons Academy of Magic – France (Pyrenees Mountains)
  5. Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Massachusetts (Mt. Greylock)
  6. Durmstrang Institute – Northern Europe
  7. Hogwarts – Scotland

However, there are 11 total. I may not be a Ravenclaw, but I am a curious sort. I’ve been studying my handy-dandy globe, and I’ve got some theories about where the remaining 4 schools may be.



Australia is both an extremely large country, and its own continent. While Japan is technically nearby, it would make sense for Australia to have its own school. If I’m right, it is highly likely that Rowling has assigned meaningful details to the school. I’m hoping for some serious tie-ins to Aboriginal magic, and, selfishly, a very cute mascot in the form of a Koala Bear.



India is on track to become the most populous country in the next few years so there’s got to be a ton of magic going on, right? Of course. I don’t know a whole lot about the ancient lore of India so I can’t begin to make an educated guess about the history of the school, but I’m almost positive there is one.



Iceland has a very unique language, and not a ton of immigrants that speak languages such as French or English. In my brain, this means having their own school (perhaps with study abroad options) would be beneficial to Icelandic witches and wizards. Additionally, Iceland has always seemed a very mysterious country so I like to think they specialize in teaching students the lesser known areas of magic. This is sure to give the school a storied background, and a reputation for providing exceptional magical talents.




Durmstrang Institute is rumored to be located in northern Europe. Russia is a huge country, though, and while Durmstrang is confirmed to have a larger student body than Hogwarts, Russia’s population indicates that they probably have their own school. I mean, think about it: Russia has a reputation for isolating itself from the rest of the world. There could be a whole story line involving Rasputin, the dark wizard responsible for throwing the country into a period of chaos that affects the magical and Muggle communities alike. Okay, maybe I’m mixing Fox’s animated version of Anastasia with the wizarding world. It’s at least got potential as a fanfic, no?

So these are my theories. Do you have any theories about the locations of the other wizarding schools? Let us know in the comments.

x Katie

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