Elevenses: Hufflepuff & The Loyal Badgers

We’re continuing our Harry Potter celebration with a Hufflepuff-themed Elevenses. Now, Hufflepuffs are notoriously underrepresented, so some of these are for all Harry Potter fans. However, it is our belief that the Hufflepuffs are basically the heartbeat of the Harry Potter fandom. They are often overshadowed by the other houses, but without their charming, loyal smiles our fandom would surely be a mess!

So, curl up with your favorite badger and enjoy!

➳ If you haven’t seen this music video, you’re missing out, obviously:

Those Hogwarts may look cool, but we doubt that they offer much in the way of comfort. These pj’s are perfect for studying in the common room.

➳ If there is a better way to display your house pride on a trip to Hogsmeade, we haven’t found it.

➳ Harry Potter phone cases are awesome and necessary, no matter what you’re house. That stained glass Hogwarts though!

Hogwarts Stained Glass Phone Case - Hufflepuff - WormholePaintings

➳ To complement your phone case, you’ll need this really cool Hufflepuff wallpaper. You can’t ever have enough things that scream “Badger Pride!”.

➳ Got a house-themed bedroom? Well, wether or not you do, you’ll be need a throw pillow.

We’ve found the perfect painting to make you feel less homesick for Hogwarts. Get it? Get it? We have complete faith that you got it.

 Writing letters home are so much fancy with sealing wax. Now, if only we could locate our nearest Owlery, Google maps and Siri have so far disappointed.

➳ Sure you can support your house Quidditch team with an ordinary t-shirt, but every true Hufflepuff fan requires a custom sweatshirt.

Hufflepuff Sweatshirt - Etsy - Dearmbigzz

➳ Can this be a thing? Pretty please? No, well, what about a write-in?

➳ If you can’t be in the actual H-Puff common room, you can recreate it at home by igniting the strongest of the senses, smell. That’s right, smell. 


What Hufflepuff awesomeness are you geeking out over this week?


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