Elevenses: Slytherins & American Wizardry

While not the least talked about house, the Slytherins do tend to get the least amount of love. Thanks to some fairly prominent dark wizards hailing from Slytherin house, fellow wizards tend to employee the “Proceed with caution” method. That seems a bit dramatic. so this week we are giving our favorite snakes some Slytherin-approved (kind of, again, we are all Ravenclaws/Hufflepuffs around here) links!

Parseltongue not required, but preferred.

Elevenses - Slytherins

Boom! Put those Slytherin myths to bed once and for all!

Did you know that the most famous wizard, uh, ever is a Slytherin? Of course you did. But, have you used that knowledge to check out the amazing television show, Merlin?

Next time someone (in particular an American wizard) gives Slytherins shit, gently remind them of this fact. According to our queen, JK Rowling, Ilvermorny wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a Slytherin.

Feeling like your wand arm has gotten a little rusty? Brush up on your spell casting with this quick-reference guide.

While not Slytherin specific, the sorting cupcakes from MyCupcakeAddiction are #Necessary

➳  Sometimes we all just need a little house-pride to get us motivated. A wonderful Slytherin made a Slytherin Pride Playlist on Spotify so that all of the Slytherins can get pride on!

We dare someone to not want this adorable tank top.

This is a segment we like to call “Mugglenet Presents: The Greatest ‘Who Wore It Best’ in the History of Fashion Battles.”

Ever wonder how to make your very own Howler? Yeah, we didn’t either until we stumbled across this gem.

One thing all the houses can agree on is that Slytherin house’s mascot, the snake, lends itself perfectly to some bad ass jewelry.

Just because you’re #adulting doesn’t mean that you can’t show some Slytherin pride.

Going Green for fall



What are you geeking out over this week that the Slytherins would love? Let us know in the comments!


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