Elevenses: Ravenclaw & Shakespearean Insults

Is it a coincidence that I’m a Ravenclaw and this is the last installment of our Harry Potter house-themed Elevenses posts? Do I really want to say that we saved the best for last, but feel that would be a bit too self-serving? If you know the answers to those questions, then either a. you know me well, or b. you are a fellow Ravenclaw and you’ve found the right post for you!

Is there anything you need more than yet another bag to put books and crap in?

Ravenclaw Quidditch Bag - Etsy - Lucy Goose CoBecause I’m a history buff and a Ravenclaw then I assume that other Ravenclaws are also history buff, and under that assumption I think that you should all listen to the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.

Let’s talk about how awesome our house colors are for just a hot minute, and then read this literal Ode to Blue by David Whalen.

The insult generator that we have all been waiting for.

I literally have no idea what this has to do with today’s theme, but berry milk just seems so off-the-wall and I had to share.

➳  Soak in all of this #Bookstagram on #Paperfury’s Instagram. Can’t. Get. Enough.

Eccentric and creative, this cross-stitching is 100% Ravenclaw (or at least this Ravenclaw) approved!

House-themed drinks! House-themed drink! I repeat, house-themed drinks!

Is Luna Lovegood your fashion inspiration? Yeah, mine too. Love this Luna-esque dress from Modcloth.

Any budding book reviewers? Here’s some advice from The Bookavid if you find yourself faced with writing a bad review.

And last but not least, a loving tribute to our favorite Ravenclaw:

What are your current Ravenclaw-ish obsessions?  


One Response to “Elevenses: Ravenclaw & Shakespearean Insults

  • Ashleigh Hartman
    1 year ago

    Strawberry milk is one of my favs, FYI. Good ol’ Hershey’s Strawberry syrup. Yum!

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