A Toast to Dena Hill

Yesterday, we told you about the McKinney Classic Film Festival that will be opening tomorrow evening, August 19th.  Today we want you to get to know the woman behind the whole thing! We are back with another Tipsy Toast to share a fun Q&A with Dena Hill, founder and festival programmer for the McKinney Classic Film Festival. We know that you’ll be just as inspired by Dena as we are!


Q & A with Dena Hill

1. What inspired you to found the McKinney Classic Film Festival?

I wanted to share great classic films and to provide ways to learn more about them.

2. How do you choose the festival theme each year?

Last year, we chose courtroom films to honor the the MPAC Courtroom Theatre. This is our second year, and we wanted to choose something light, so screwball comedies came to mind. And then there were so many screwball comedies with Cary Grant that, well, spending three days watching Cary Grant was an easy choice!

3. If you had to pick one thing that you hope people take away from the festival what would that be and why? 

That there are treasure troves of great classic film options to explore.

4. What was the film that made you fall in love with Cinema? 

Singin’ in the Rain.

Dena Hill - Singin' In the Rain

5. If different, what is your favorite classic film? 

My Man Godfrey. It’s witty, brilliant, romantic, and still so socially relevant.

6. If you could tell your 15 year old self one thing, what would you say?

What you love IS who you are.

7. Favorite drink to order at happy hour? 

Top shelf margarita with salt.

8. What classic film character do you identify with most, why?

Hildy in His Girl Friday. (I’m a journalist.)

Dena Hill - Hildy - His Gal Friday

9. What would you title your autobiography?

Zany Matters.

10. If you could remake one movie, what movie would it be and why? 

Remakes tend to make me unhappy. After all, “Why fix it if it ain’t broke?”


And, don’t for a second think we forgot to ask the two questions we ask everyone we interview!

11. Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress? 

Library of Congress. (I’m not much on math.)

12. Favorite Crayola color?

Too hard! A tie between shamrock and robin’s egg blue.


We are all agreed here at The TIpsy Verse that Dena is one inspirational woman! She knows what she loves and has found a way to share what she loves with others! If you are in the DFW area this weekend we definitely recommend dropping by the McKinney Classic Film Festival. We will be there taking in some great film and mingling with other classic-film lovers! Until then, we are raising our glass and saying a big “Cheers” for Dena, a truly badass and inspiring woman!


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