Book Review: Breaking the Surface

Breaking the Surface Book Cover Breaking the Surface
The Surface Series
Matt Hebert
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
June 29th, 2016

It's been nearly a year since Sembado joined the rebellious Elephant's Guild, and escaped his life-long home beneath the Pacific waves. Now he must infiltrate his way back into the sub-aquatic complex to discover his grandfather's secret to defeating the government's terrifying, flesh-eating energy. With the help of his enduring companion, Kaluna, Sembado will turn to balance rather than rage just as chaos threatens the entire complex.

You know how sometimes you start a book series and then get stuck waiting years for the next release? *cough HP and Outlander cough* Thankfully, the series I started reading earlier this year – authored by my friend Matt Hebert – recently released the second book, Breaking the Surface! Earlier this year, we did an interview, review AND giveaway with the author (you can catch up on that here!) about the first book in The Surface series.

For the second book, Matt has graciously offered both Beneath the Surface AND Breaking the Surface for one of our lucky readers! Before you enter, read on for our review of the newest release (we’ll try not to spoil anything!)

Breaking the Surface picks right back up where Beneath the Surface ended – and you’re immediately sucked back into the dystopian underwater future. Sembado and Kaluna, along with many of their friends, are trying to both save and free the families trapped below the surface. Warring factions have overtaken sections of the living quarters, which makes the team’s mission even tougher. Can the team unite the factions and accomplish what they returned for?

What I love about this book, and the series, is the amount of detail Matt has put into creating this futuristic world. He does an amazing job of building up both the underwater complex and the characters; you end up feeling like you are there. Even minute details, like how the submarines look and operate, really help you to draw what you are reading in your head. With the amount of new things in this book, and its predecessor, that had to have been a difficult task. Its one of the strongest features that brings me back to reading the series.

While the first book really built up Sembado as a character, we get to see far more growth from Kaluna in this book. She is a really well-rounded female character with strengths AND weaknesses that make her easier to identify with. Even when it seems like she may end up as a damsel in distress, she’s able to make herself into a true asset and redeem any of those faults. In some of these YA novels, the female characters seem to fall into different molds, but I think Kaluna avoids falling into the stereotypical traps that we see far too often. She is definitely my favorite character of the series!

There are a lot of characters to follow initially in the first half of the book which made the story a little hard to follow – and one of the major events happened earlier in the book than I imagined it would which left me wondering what else could be left. But honestly, the last quarter or so of the book had me ON MY TOES. I was so enthralled that when it ended I immediately thought “Ok, when is the next book?!” I am really excited for the next one to come out so I can figure out what our heroes have got themselves into.

To catch up on this series, you can purchase Matt’s books at the links provided above for two of our favorite, non-local bookstores – Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also read more about Matt’s series on Facebook here!

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