Why I March

January 21, 2017. Today I will do something I’ve never done before: I’ll march in a peaceful protest. In solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington. I will stand with women and men in Dallas so that our voices may be heard. So, Why do I march?

I march for…

THE women who marched before me; so that their sacrifice is not forgotten

THE women who will march after me

CONTROL of my body

WOMEN who are told they can’t use that restroom

THE right to love

WOMEN of color, who face a discrimination I’ll never know

FREEDOM of religion


VICTIMS who are shamed and told to stay silent

THOSE trying to escape persecution

YOUNG girls who have big dreams

WOMEN fighting a mental illness or living with a disability

ALL the little ladies, snowflakes, nasty women and bitches

But, mostly I march because for too long I’ve been naive enough to think that I didn’t have to.

I am not marching today because I don’t accept that we have a new president. I accept that we just witnessed a peaceful transfer of power, and that we are now under a new administration. However, I don’t accept that I have to be a good little girl and be seen but not heard.

Today’s protest isn’t to undermine the president. It is simply to remind him that he works for the American people, and a good portion of those people are women.

Why I march

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