Dallas Chamber Symphony Goes Silent with Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’

Look, let’s be real, silent film has kind of a reputation for being boring especially among the youths of today. I’ll admit the first time I sat down to watch a silent film I was expecting to enjoy the experience. However, I was quickly converted to a fan of the silent film genre. I fell even more in love with silent film the first time I watched a film accompanied live by the Dallas Chamber Symphony.

There is nothing quite like experiencing music live. I can definitively tell you that watching a silent film in an auditorium while the score is played live is truly an experience like no other.  You can read about my first time hearing the Dallas Chamber Symphony accompany a silent film here. Even better, though, is that you can experience it first hand for yourself.

Dallas Chamber Symphony_TheKid

Tomorrow, February 21, 2017 at Dallas City Performance Hall the Dallas Chamber Symphony will be presenting ‘The Kid’. Originally released in 1921, ‘The Kid’ was Charlie Chaplin’s first feature film. If you don’t know the name Charlie Chaplin then I’m actually going to require that you attend this performance tomorrow. The film features the famous silent film star not only in a starring role but also in the role of producer and director. Dallas Chamber Symphony’s performance will feature a brand new score written by composer, Craig Safan.

The evening’s program will also include two shorter compositions followed by the screening of ‘The Kid’. Obviously, I can’t speak to how wonderful this event was since it hasn’t actually happened yet, but I have attended similar performances by the Dallas Chamber Symphony and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I highly recommend that you attend the event if you are looking for a fabulous way to spend a Tuesday night. I’ve included more information about the event below. I will be there, so if you attend, be sure to let me know on Twitter @michcocoop23!


Additional Information from Dallas Chamber Symphony

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