Hawn, Schumer Get Snatched for Mother’s Day

To fully understand my feelings about Snatched, you must first understand my relationship with my mother. My mother and I are ridiculously close. For a significant chunk of my life it was just the two of us. So, we’re that mother-daughter duo that tells each other everything and talks pretty much daily. However, my mother and I are extremely different.

Where she is quite and reserved, I am loud and in your face. She is unable to sit still for five minutes and I can spend hours upon hours on a couch, not moving with my eyes glued to a Murder She Wrote marathon. Mom is all sincerity and I am all sarcasm. Do you see where I’m going with this?


My mother and I are essentially the main characters in Snatched. Just like us, Emily and Linda are a close but slightly dysfunctional mother-daughter duo. So, for me, watching Snatched was less like watching a mediocre yet hilarious comedy and more like watching a more dramatic retelling of a memory. I’ve never been kidnapped and held for ransom, but I have traveled with my mother and the dynamic between Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer’s characters is really familiar.

Throughout Snatched we see the two main characters nit-pick at each other while still maintaining an obviously strong bond. I was actually surprised by how much the film explored the dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship. Any woman that is close to their mother and/or daughter will find many moments in this film familiar. Really that relationship is the main thing I enjoyed about the film.


As I mentioned previously, Snatched is a mediocre albeit still pretty hilarious comedy. Some of the best parts of the film are beyond ridiculous. The cast of characters is also a little absurd. Among the cast is Ike Barinholtz as Jeffery Middleton, the agoraphobic son/brother of our heroines, Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack as a quirky pair of “friends” (they are obviously lovers), and Christoper Meloni as a Trader Joes manager turned Indiana Jones. Nothing in this movie is even remotely reasonable, however it is still a fun hour and a half.

Essentially, the reviews will say it’s terrible but I don’t feel like I wasted my time watching it.


Reason to See:

For an hour and half you get to shut off your brain, have some hearty laughs and think about all the times you’ve vacationed with your own mom.


Reason to Skip:

The humor isn’t for everyone and this is not a comedy that I would describe as “smart and innovative”.


Is Snatched Worth Spending The Price of a Ticket?

Yes, but only if you’re wanting to watch a no-brainer, goofy comedy



Tipsy Recommendation:

All of the margaritas, just all of them. Every flavor. No salt.


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