Lady Macbeth Kills…Literally

Lady Macbeth opens with a boring and slightly unnerving wedding. It is instantly unlike any 19th century period drama ever. Centered around Katherine, a young woman essentially sold into marriage, Lady Macbeth explore sexuality and gender in a most intriguing way. If you’ve ever read literally anything written about women in history and thought, ‘I wish they’d just bite back’, then this film is the film for you.

Katherine is the 19th century heroine I’ve been waiting for. She appears innocent, but thanks to Florence Pugh’s masterful portrayal a knowing slowly bubbles to the surface. A loveless, sexless marriage keeps Katherine bored out of her damn mind for the first quarter of the film .  We see her drift on the edge of depression as she’s kept indoors and chastised for her marriage not producing an heir (something she has no control over).

A light of hope appears when Katherine’s husband and his father are taken away from the family’s home for several days. Katherine is free to leave the house and explore the countryside. She also has a rather intense encounter with one of her husband’s workers. What follows is a love affair with unanticipated twists and turns.

Despite a minuscule budget, Lady Macbeth is a fully baked albeit minimalist film. There are no sweeping romantic scenes or an endless closet of decadent costumes. Everything featured in Lady Macbeth has a purpose. The minimalism, including little to no scoring, adds to the unsettling story that unfolds in the short 89 minute runtime. This is an actor’s film and all traditional period drama trappings are unnecessary.

I can definitively say that Lady Macbeth is not a film for everyone. Many will find it’s themes and presentation uncomfortable. However, for the rest of us it is a treasure. The depths at which it explores sexuality, gender and even race are powerful. Katherine and her fellow characters are not the characters we expect. This isn’t the story we expect. However, these are characters in a story that we very much need and deserve.  It asks the question, “why don’t these women bit back” and then answers with what happens when they do.

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