The Trip to Spain Will Make You Hungry

Well shit. I’ve got some bad news. Apparently, it’s true that you just go from one life crisis to another life crisis. On a more positive note, when you hit your mid-life crisis you get to go on trips with your friends to review food. At least, this is what Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon do in The Trip to Spain.

Trip to Spain

The third in a series of “Trip” films, The Trip to Spain sends Steve and Rob on a trip through Spain (I know the title is spookily accurate). During their travels they dine on delicious food and try to come to drips with the aging they’ve been unsuccessful in slowing. On their journey the pair repeatedly compete in impression-offs and make jabs a each other like truly great old friends. In all, it’s a good film. I recognize this a good film. I a also recognize that I am not the target audience for this film. This is something I probably would have known had I seen any of the prior films in the franchise. You live and you learn.

Outside of the dry, slightly off-color humor that I’ve grown familiar with after decades of watching British comedies, there isn’t much I related to. I’m currently in the wrong life crisis to fully appreciate this journey.

trip to spain


That being said, the comedy is really good. The impressions are even really good if not a bit repetitive, a sentiment reflected when Steve’s assistant joins the guys on their trip for a few days. There is absolutely no doubt that the performances in this film are high caliber. I definitely think the film will resonate for a lot of audience members, and even if it doesn’t you are guaranteed to laugh more than a handful of times. However, my fellow 80’s babies may find themselves thinking, ‘what are the salty British / Welsh dudes doing in this Spain tourism video?’

Oh, and fair warning, you will leave this movie hungry and most-likely with an insatiable craving for wine and Spanish food. And, yes, I know that everything about this review would frustrate the crap out of the main characters.


Is The Trip to Spain Worth Spending The Price of a Ticket?

Despite my apparent lack of personal connection to the film, I definitely think it is worth the price of a ticket.




Tipsy Recommendation:

Spanish wine. Obviously.


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