The Lion King, Born in China & Why I Need a Panda

Disney really wants me to break some exotic pet laws. This is the only logical conclusion as to why they are releasing The Lion King and Born in China on the same day. I know there are reasons why I can’t have a pet panda, but I NEED one. I also highly doubt I’m the only 90’s kid who grew up hoping Santa would bring them a singing Warthog / Meerkat duo.

Honestly, I can without hesitation trace my love of animals, especially the ones that are completely impractical pet options, to Disney movies. But, alas, my landlord, general moral compass and logic won’t allow me to have a pet panda. I have come to terms with this. I am moving on excited that I can, at least, watch The Lion King and Born in China from the comfort of my own home. At this point, with HD it’s practically like I have a pet panda…right?

Okay, I’ll stop and actually give you information about these movies.


Born in China

Disney Nature’s Born In China

I have not been shy about my love for Disney Nature films and Born in China was no exception. I absolutely loved this film. Narrated by John Krasinski, Born in China follows a panda mother, young golden snub-nosed monkey and a mother snow leopard over the course of a year. Each storyline focuses on these main ‘characters’ but is ultimately about family life in the wild.

The Blu-ray and Digital versions of Born in China add to the film with bonus features that go behind the scenes. You get a chance to see how the filmmakers managed to capture such incredible shots and how unreliable the filming conditions were each day. Nature documentaries can go one of two ways; they can be extraordinary or down-right boring. Born in China is definitely the former. From the lively commentary to the beautiful filming, it’s a fun film for everyone who’s ever wanted a pet panda. Okay, it’s good for rational people too.


The Lion King

The Lion King

Let’s get real for a minute. How much do I even need to do to get you excited about The Lion King coming out of the vault? I feel like as your reading this there is a collective “YAAAASSS” enveloping the world as anyone born in 80’s and 90’s reads the news. The Disney vault is the actual Disney villain for 20 and 30-somethings the world over. Today, though, we get to rejoice as the lock clicks open and our favorite animated lions come rushing out!

When it comes to this release of the Signature Collection edition of The Lion King, Disney does not disappoint. In addition to the film itself they’ve included a delicious line-up of bonuses including a sing-a-long edition. Yup, the reason the bar crowd is looking thinner on Friday night is because everyone is at home butchering the lyrics to “Circle of Life” like it’s 1994.

Both Born in China and The Lion King are available of Disney Blu-ray and Disney digital today. I just got back from a trip across the pond so you better believe I’m plopping my jet-lagged self down to watch both tonight!


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