The Mountain Between Us is Sexual Tension

Get out the butter knife because from about minute one of The Mountain Between Us, you’ll be wanting to slice right into that sexual tension. I probably would have known to expect the sexual tension had I known this movie was based on a book labeled Romance on Goodreads, but alas I did not. However, the fact that this film is essentially a romance was a welcomed surprise. More on this in a moment.

The plot of The Mountain Between Us is nothing particularly challenging or special. Two stranger, Ben (Idris Elba) and Alex (Kate Winslet) have the same problem: they both need to be somewhere else by the following day, but all flights are grounded. This is the start of at least three Hallmark movies. Anyway, they charter a flight which ends in a crash and the struggle to survive is on. Also, there is a dog, and so that you aren’t put through the agony of knowing the dog’s fate, I’ll go ahead and tell you it survives.

Like the simplicity of the plot, the film is rather simple and for the most part unremarkable. There are a lot of beautiful shots with snowy mountains and long stretches of very little dialogue. Pretty standard stuff for a film about two people trying to survive nature. However, what is remarkable about this film is the acting. Had any other actors been cast, this film would be terrible. Elba and Winslet pull off the subtle, understated acting needed to keep the film grounded.

So, about the welcomed surprise of this being a romance. There are two things I love in films: survival stories and romance. The fact that this is essentially a survival romance panders to both of those interests. Now, I’m aware that this is probably not the case for every movie-goer. If you are one of the movie-goers that balks at the idea of a survival romance, then this film is probably not for you. It is worth mentioning that the survival to romance ratio leans heavily in favor of survival (as well it should), but as this review’s title suggests, there is a lot of sexual tension.

I would say that with any smaller of a budget and different actors The Mountain Between Us would have found a home on either the Hallmark or Lifetime channel. However, with the powerhouse duo of Elba/Winslet and a high-budget production, it is at home on the big screen. It is not a movie for everyone. But, it definitely has an audience and for that audience it’s worth a watch.

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