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It is very tempting for me to turn this review into a lecture about the important role the free press plays in American democracy. However, I really don’t need to since that is precisely what The Post does.

Centered around Washington Post publisher, Katharine Graham, and editor, Ben Bradlee, The Post dives into the race to expose decades of government cover-ups. While the film focuses on a specific moment in history is explores themes that are still relevant to today’s audiences. We see the struggles Graham faced as the first female publisher of a major American newspaper and the complicated dance between the free press and the American government.

The Post


The Post is not the first film to tackle the press and its role in America, however, at this precise moment in time, it is the perfect film to shine a light on this topic. Steven Spielberg highlights all of the issues of this historical event that are most relevant to today’s audience in a way that is both striking and unsettling. It seems impossible that these topics and themes would be relevant and feel familiar to a 2018 audience, but they do.

Of course, Spielberg’s genius is further elevated by outstanding performances by Meryl Streep (Katherine Graham) and Tom Hanks (Ben Bradlee). And, they are elevated by an extremely adept supporting cast. In short, there is more talent in this film than any one film should be allowed to have.

the post

All together this team created a film that makes the world of newspaper printing exciting and suspenseful. From the 1970’s production hues to tense moments that heightening the drama, The Post is a testament to quality filmmaking. There is no shortage of ‘Oscar bait’ grumblings surrounding this film but it is more than that. You get the sense that every person working on the film knew what film they were making and why they were making it.


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Don’t just watch The Post, pay attention to what it is saying.




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