Fall in Love with A Girl Called Monster

A Girl Called Monster Book Cover A Girl Called Monster
Paige Lavoie
December 15, 2017

Where she came from there were no windows. The sounds of buzzing equipment and the doctor's shouting rang through her ears daily. It was too uncomfortable to call home and too familiar not to be. Like it or not, she was an experiment.

Filled with childlike wonder and innocence, she took pleasure in stories, imagining what it would be like to live in those pages. A longing growing deep inside her.

She knew she'd never have that life... Not in the lab. Not with them studying her every move. So she decided to do something terrifying.

She escaped.

Valentine’s Day is creeping around the corner like Kim Kardashian spying on her sister from behind a bush, and love is apparently in the air. Now, if you’re a bitter single person like myself, you may celebrate Valentine’s Day differently than others. I usually either curl up with a bunch of disaster movies or a good book or sometimes I do both. Look, love hurts, but on Valentine’s Day, the absence of love hurts worse. So, if you’re like me and looking to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day with a good book, I’ve got the perfect book for you: A Girl Called Monster.

A modern retelling of Frankenstein, A Girl Called Monster is a coming of age story with a twist. Beautifully combining aspects of the classic horror novel with the whimsy of young adult fiction, author Paige Lavoie strikes another home run with her sophomore novel. I read the copy Paige sent me in one day. It’s a fast read that takes you on a journey that culminates with an ending that serves healthy satisfaction.

When Paige asked me to write about A Girl Called Monster, I enthusiastically said YES! (Granted she did ask me this in December. I’m nothing if not consistent in my inconsistency and procrastination). I read and reviewed Paige’s debut novel, CONfidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl and loved it. So, naturally, I was very excited to read her second novel. Another reason I wanted to share about Paige and her novels because she self-publishes.  I always want to help elevate the voice of authors who not only took the time to finish a book but then take on the responsibility of publishing their work. I for one am very glad that Paige took it upon herself to publish her books, they have brought me true joy!

Have you read A Girl Called Monster? What are your thoughts?

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