DC vs Marvel: Why Isn’t This Really Happening?

A recent fan-made trailer has geeks the world over in a tizzy. Yesterday, YouTube user, Alex Luthor, posted his self-made trailer for DC vs Marvel.


Day 12: Gifts for the Geeky Guys in Your Life

Following up to yesterday’s post on gifts for geeky girls – today we will be tackling top gifts for the...


Day 11: Gifts for Geeky Girls

Let’s face it, no matter how many times we say we’ll “do better next year,” some of us are always...

Day 7 – Lip Balm: A Winter Beauty Essential

Now that winter is getting into full swing, you’ve probably started to notice some changes with your skin. Hands are...

doctor strange

Doctor Strange Has Been Cast!

About five minutes ago I received a Tipsy group text alert informing me that I should Google search Benedict Cumberbatch’s...

Frozen Fever – New Short Coming!

Just when we were calming ourselves down after the news about a possible Frozen 2, we get word that Disney...

Podcast # 4: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and give thanks. For many Thanksgiving is a fun holiday full...

Pitch Perfect 2 – They’re Back, Pitches!

There has been a ton of buzz around Pitch Perfect 2 lately that has all been leading up to today, release day of the trailer. People either love or hate Pitch Perfect and the much anticipated sequel. If you remember my Late To The Party post about how I went way too long without watching Pitch Perfect, you will know that I, and my fellow Tipsies, fall solidly into the "Love It" party.

Sign To Save ‘Selfie!’

A wonderful person named Erika Larson from Corbin, KY has started a petition to #SaveSelfie! Because we are still...


Cinderella Trailer is FINALLY Here

And it is worth the wait! You might recall our disappointment with the teaser trailer which was nothing more than the longest single shot of a shoe in the history of cinema, but Disney has redeemed themselves with this spectacular 2:40 trailer. The world of Cinderella comes alive in what promises to be a cinematic treat.

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