shark week

Shark Week: Day 4… Just Keep Swimming!

Hey shark fans! Welcome back to our nightly installment of Shark Week fun. Sadly now that it is Thursday, that...

shark week

Shark Week: Day 3….Still in the Water

Back for more? The third night of Shark Week brought 2 new shows and again, a re-hash of the weakest...

shark week

Shark Week: Day 2 – Still Swimming….

Hello again! Glad to see you’re back for more fin-tabulous (tee hee) shark reviews of this year’s Discovery Channel Shark...

Shark Week 2015: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi y’all! My friends will all attest to the fact that I am #obsessed with sharks. Ever since I was...

Comic Book Men Casting

A couple of days ago I got an email from the casting assistants for AMC’s Comic Book Men. In the...

Skip Beat Dramafever Banner

Binge Watching – Skip Beat Live Action Drama

Review of the Dramafever live action drama Skip Beat with references to the manga series Skip Beat. Meet Kyoko Mogami, a girl who is hell-bent on revenge.

ABC's Forever. Image credit ABC

Late to the Party: ABC’s Forever

So, lets be honest. The real reason I started watching Forever was because of Ioan Gruffudd, who besides being incredibly...

LTTP: Mad Men

A little late to the party, but we still made it in time for the finale of Mad Men. Read what one Tipsy thought about the show & why she's LTTP: Mad Men.

LTTP: Syfy’s Wizard Wars

I remember when I saw the logo for this show and I rolled my eyes. Granted, I didn’t know what...

the walking dead

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Finale Review

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again – ¬†another season down of The Walking Dead (aka my...

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