Dolores Huerta

DIFF 2017: Dolores

It is not uncommon for women to be written out of history. It is uncommon that it happens during their...

Abortion Rights Take Center Stage in ‘Jackson’

In November 2016, we were invited to cover the Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth, TX. Jackson was one...

Finders Keepers Review Feature

Movie Review: Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is unlike any documentary I’ve ever watched. The subject is just as ridiculous as it sounds, but the...

Shark Week 2015: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi y’all! My friends will all attest to the fact that I am #obsessed with sharks. Ever since I was...

Documentary Spotlight – Seymour: An Introduction

Written and directed by Ethan Hawke, Seymour: An Introduction is a beautiful look into the life of pianist and master instructor Seymour Bernstein.

Movie Review: The Hunting Ground

Documentaries are used to inform and enlighten. The Hunting Ground does both of these things as viewers learn about sexual assaults on college campuses.

SXSW Documentary Spotlight: La Ceremonie

Documenting director, Lina Mannheimer's time with Author and Dominatrix, Catherine Robbe-Grillet, La Ceremonie is provocative and intriguing.

Review: DisneyNature’s Bears is great fun for the whole family.

  Michelle and I had the opportunity to screen DisneyNature’s┬áBears a couple of days ago, and we both loved it....